4 Things to Know Before you Code in C++

Now that you know what C++ is and how vast its scope ranges to, it’s time to get started with it.

But, before you start, there are a couple of important things you should know.

Below are the 4 most important things you need to know.

1.      C++ cannot be learnt in a day

Learning any language takes time and that holds even more truth for C++.

If you are here to learn C++ in a day, then you’re going to end up facing failure.

To be honest, there’s no definite time to complete learning C++ and someone who says they can, are simply lying.

You only start learning with regular practice and dedication. So, I suggest you to invest valuable time learning C++.

2.      Learning C++ can be hard.

Since it’s not a high level language, learning C++ can get overwhelming when you start and you’d need to be prepared to put thoughtful hours to learn the basics.

But, there’s no need to panic.

We offer plenty of resources and easy C++ tutorials available on Programiz to get started for beginners.

Also, there are numerous support communities that will help you when you are stuck.

3.      No, you don’t need to learn C before C++

People have different theories whether one should learn C before C++ or not. If you ask me, it isn’t a must. You can easily start with C++ and that’s what I did myself.

If you already know C, you will have a head start in learning C++ as they have similar attributes like syntax and semantics.

4.      Don’t wait for the next C++ release

Since, a new iteration of C++ is due late 2017, a lot of people ask whether it would be better it they wait until the next release before learning C++ or not.

The answer is NO.

Though there are a lot of additions and improvements planned for the next releases, the core principles are the same. So, it would be wise to invest your time now.

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