Computer Science: Development

In this chapter, we will discuss the development in Computer Science chronologically.

The following table lists down the development −

1959Transistors: IBM 7090; IBM 1401
1962NPN transistor
1963Mouse; CMOS patented
1964CDC 6600; IBM Data Cell Drive
1966Integrated circuits: HP 2116A
1966Apollo Guidance Computer
1969Honeywell 316
19718″ floppy disk; ILLIAC IV
1973Micral first microprocessor PC
1980Sinclair ZX80, Seagate hard disk drive
1981IBM PC, Acorn BBC Micro
1983Apple Lisa; 3.5″ floppy
1984Apple Mac; Apple Lisa 2
1991Apple Switches to PowerPC
1992HP 95LX; Palmtop PC
1995IBM Deep Blue chess computer
1996USB 1.0
1997Compaq buys Tandem; CD-RW
2000USB 2
2001Apple iPod
2005Mac Mini
2006Apple transition to Intel
2007iPhone 1
2008USB 3.0
2010Apple iPad
2012IBM zEnterprise System

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