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The software that distributes the information and the machine where the information and software reside is called the server.

•         provides requested service to client

•         e.g., Web server sends requested

Web page Client:

The software that resides on the remote machine, communicates with the server, fetches the information, processes it, and then displays it on the remote machine is called the client.

•         initiates contact with server (―speaks first‖)

•         typically requests service from server

•         Web: client implemented in browser

Web server:

Software that delivers Web pages and other documents to browsers using the HTTP protocol

Web Page:

A web page is a document or resource of information that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser.


A collection of pages on the World Wide Web that are accessible from the same URL and typically residing on the same server.


Uniform Resource Locator, the unique address which identifies a resource on the Internet for routing purposes.

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