Error Detection and Correction Techniques

Different Types Of Error Detection Techniques:

 a.  Redundancy

 b.  Echoplex

 c.   Exact count encoding

 d.  Parity

 e.   Check sum

 f.    Vertical Redundancy Check

 g.  Horizontal Redundancy Check

 h. Cyclic Redundancy Check

Circumstances of M-ary signaling schemes are preferred over binary Schemes:

Binary schemes transmit only one bit at a time. M-ary schemes transmit log2 M bit at a time. When available channel bandwidth is less, then M-ary schemes are used. M ary schemes require less bandwidth compared to binary schemes. For example binary PSK requires a bandwidth of 2fb. But M-ary PSK requires a bandwidth of 2fb.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Series Communication


Number of transmission lines is less Used for long distance communication Low cost


Speed is low

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