Requirement Elicitation Process

Requirement elicitation process can be depicted using the folloiwng diagram:

Description: Requirement elicitation process

●      Requirements gathering – The developers discuss with the client and end users and know their expectations from the software.

●      Organizing Requirements – The developers prioritize and arrange the requirements in order of importance, urgency and convenience.

●      Negotiation & discussion – If requirements are ambiguous or there are some conflicts in requirements of various stakeholders, if they are, it is then negotiated and discussed with stakeholders. Requirements may then be prioritized and reasonably compromised.

●      The requirements come from various stakeholders. To remove the ambiguity and conflicts, they are discussed for clarity and correctness. Unrealistic requirements are compromised reasonably.

●      Documentation – All formal & informal, functional and non-functional requirements are documented and made available for next phase processing.


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