Accessing the Data Members

The public data members of objects of a class can be accessed using the direct member access operator (.). Let us try following example to make the things clear:






double length;// Length of a box

double breadth;// Breadth of a box

double height;// Height of a box


int main()


BoxBox1;// Declare Box1 of type Box

BoxBox2;// Declare Box2 of type Box

double volume =0.0;// Store the volume of a box here

// box 1 specification

Box1.height =5.0;

Box1.length =6.0;

Box1.breadth =7.0;

// box 2 specification

Box2.height =10.0;

Box2.length =12.0;

Box2.breadth =13.0;

// volume of box 1

volume=Box1.height *Box1.length *Box1.breadth;

cout<<“Volume of Box1 : “<< volume <<endl;

// volume of box 2

volume=Box2.height *Box2.length *Box2.breadth;

cout<<“Volume of Box2 : “<< volume <<endl;



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