Software Paradigms

Software paradigms refer to the methods and steps, which are taken while designing the software. There are many methods proposed and are in work today, but we need to see where in the software engineering these paradigms stand. These can be combined into various categories, though each of them is contained in one another:

Description: Software Evolution

Programming paradigm is a subset of Software design paradigm which is further a subset of Software development paradigm.

Software Development Paradigm

This Paradigm is known as software engineering paradigms where all the engineering concepts pertaining to the development of software are applied. It includes various researches and requirement gathering which helps the software product to build. It consists of –

●      Requirement gathering

●      Software design

●      Programming

Software Design Paradigm

This paradigm is a part of Software Development and includes –

●      Design

●      Maintenance

●      Programming

Programming Paradigm

This paradigm is related closely to programming aspect of software development. This includes –

●      Coding

●      Testing

●      Integration


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