User Interface requirements

UI is an important part of any software or hardware or hybrid system. A software is widely accepted if it is –

●      easy to operate

●      quick in response

●      effectively handling operational errors

●      providing simple yet consistent user interface

User acceptance majorly depends upon how user can use the software. UI is the only way for users to perceive the system. A well performing software system must also be equipped with attractive, clear, consistent and responsive user interface. Otherwise the functionalities of software system can not be used in convenient way. A system is said be good if it provides means to use it efficiently. User interface requirements are briefly mentioned below –

●      Content presentation

●      Easy Navigation

●      Simple interface

●      Responsive

●      Consistent UI elements

●      Feedback mechanism

●      Default settings

●      Purposeful layout

●      Strategical use of color and texture.

●      Provide help information

●      User centric approach

●      Group based view settings.

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