5 Reasons Why you should learn C++?

This is one of those questions you need to ask before starting any programming language. It helps you understand the scope of the language, the real world usability and how far you can get with it in terms of support. Here are top 5 reasons you should learn C++.

1.      C++ is irreplaceable

With the use of C++ in development of modern games, operating systems, browsers, and much more, it is safe to say that C++ is irreplaceable.

Many major applications like

o    Adobe Products like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

o    Amazon – one of the biggest e-commerce sites

o    Autodesk products for Computer Aided Design

o    Facebook – social networking site are heavy C++ centric products.

Moreover, the fact that there’s a huge community improving C++ on every iteration means that it is only expected to be used even more in the coming future.

2.      You learn the internal architecture of a computer

Since, C++ is a middle level language, you will write code that interacts directly with the internal hardware of the computer.

You’ll learn how the computer memory really works, how information is stored in them, how you can retrieve them and so on.

It is sure to expand your knowledge on the architecture of the computer.

3.      Over 600,000 C++ repositories on Github

Github, the leading open source collaboration platform, has over 600,000 repositories for C++ alone.

This metric itself proves the worth of C++ in the open source community as well.

Be it gaming, graphics, windows applications, you can find tons of great open source projects extensively used today. And, you can always create your own.

4.      60% StackOverflow Answer rate and active community

Likewise, with over 400,000 C++ questions asked on StackOverflow, the number one Q&A platform for developers, more than 60% questions have been answered.

The number of questions asked and the percentage of them answered shows the interest and active support for C++ today.

So, you can expect many great developers to help you solve real-life problems using C++.

5.      C++ job opportunities and salary

C++ developers can expect an average of yearly $100,000 salary with over 7,700 jobs advertised every month.

The requirement of jobs comes mostly from game development, rendering engines and the windows applications.

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